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The TOP 15 reasons to vacation in Lake Chapala Mexico and show your family or group of friends the vacation of a lifetime.


1. Tranquility-One of Lake Chapala’s many virtues is the calm and tranquility that can be found here. Whether watching beautiful sunsets, lying poolside, or hearing the jungle sounds, in Lake Chapala no stresses or pressures exist. Here, it’s always time to kick back and relax!


2. Natural Beauty - Chapala and Ajijic are small and charming towns graced with all of the Riviera Nayarit’s natural beauty. Chapala and Ajijic  offer incomparable views,  marvelous sunsets, pristine beaches, and vibrant green jungle foliage.


3. Weather - Lake Chapala area offers simply the best weather in the world!, temperatures only varying slightly from 80 degrees year round!


4. Accommodations -Instead of the impersonal setting of an enormous hotel, Lake Chapala offers many unique and personalized vacation options. Elegant villas or tropical bungalows are just some of Lake Chapala’s many luxurious possibilities.


5. People -Another great characteristic of the Lake Chapala area  is its people. Ever-friendly and warm, The Lake side area is a wonderful place to be a tourist or a resident and will defiinitely welcome you to feel part of the town.


6. Culture  -Still in most ways sleepy and less-developed, Lake Chapala has retained much of the feeling of an authentic and traditional Mexican town. Whether it be with shops closing for siesta time, old men congregating to chat in the park, or daily pick-up soccer games at the town field, in Lake Chapala you can be sure to delight in all the trappings of a typical Mexican town.


7. Location  -While seemingly nestled away in the jungle and at the lake's edge, Lake Chapala is still quite conveniently accessible from the city of Guadalahara and its international airport. And to expand on your Lake Chapala experience, neighboring towns are in close proximity and offer even more delights and adventures.


8. Cost -Unlike most other vacation spots and their exorbitant prices, Lake Chapala Mexico is entirely affordable. Dollars go a long way in Mexico, so you can enjoy Lake Chapala’s fantastic cuisine and eat like a king. Take some time away from the stressors of the global financial crisis, and do so without feeling guilty!


9. Safety - Lake Chapala is most definitely a safe place for every tourist who visits. Families, couples, or groups who are thinking about coming can be completely assured that this is a truly friendly town, where robberies or any crimes are extremely rare. Just sit back and relax!


10. Size -Another advantage to Lake Chapala and Ajijic is that they are truly small and quaint Mexican towns.  Enjoy the lazy afternoons covering the town by foot, or drive with ease over the cobblestone streets. Have no worries about getting lost, and feel assured that your group or family could easily split up and find each other again. You are not in the city anymore!


11. Food -For such small towns, Lake Chapala and Ajijic still have a great selection of local and international cuisine. Whether it be a delicious taco stand on the street, or an elegant restaurant nestled high in the hills, Lake Chapala has something for every palate.


12. Eco-Forward -For nature lovers, Lake Chapala is not just a great choice because of the local landscapes, but also because of the ecological concern being cultivated by many here in the town. The organic gardens and nurseriesy, or other environmentally aware projects  and activities always going on in Lake Chapala.


13. Art Active-Also amazingly for such an apparently unremarkable village, The Lake Chapala is truly a-buzz with art activity. Local galleries hold frequent art openings, or collectives put on festivals. Come join in on the action or find some lovely pieces made by local artists to take home with you!


14. The Lake - Lake Chapala is the largest lake in Mexico - almost 52 miles long!


15.Friends and Family-For all the reasons above and more, Lake Chapala is an ideal destination for friends and family. Whether renting a villa for a family reunion, or a honeymoon palapa for a romantic getaway, Lake Chapala provides the perfect backdrop for any get together or getaway!