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Hotel Nueva Posada
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The Inn has 19 Suites on three levels. Rooms are tastefully decorated with colonial furniture and original watercolors created by local artists. Most of the Suites have breath-taking lake views and the modern features of a grand hotel.

La Posada is embraced on one side by a large tropical garden planted with the exotic flowers for which lakeside is famous. On the other side there is an intimate garden and swimming pool.

In the Restaurant we serve excellent continental cuisine along with many traditional Mexican dishes prepared by our Executive Chef, Lorraine Russo. Enjoy the sunset in our intimate Lounge, where live romantic music can be heard each Saturday. You may also relax or dine under a gigantic rubber tree located in the middle of our lush garden. All dining areas overlook the  lovely grounds and the lake.

To further enjoy your stay, you shall be pampered by our outstanding staff who will make you feel completely at home in Ajijic.

Pricing and Contact Information

Owner/Manager Name:    Hotel Nueva Posada
USA/Canada Telephone: ___
Mexico Telephone: (376) 766-1344
Email: Please use form below


Our Villa Rates are as follows:

* 1 Bedroom Daily Rate: Single $90.00 USD; Double $100.00 USD (includes breakfast)

* 2 Bedroom Daily Rate: Single $95.00 USD; Double $115.00 USD (includes breakfast)

* Monthly Rate without breakfast:  Double 1 bedroom $1350.00 USD;   Double 2 bedroom, $1450.00

The daily charge for each extra person is $18.00 USD without breakfast

* Breakfast Extra: Single $170.00 USD; Double $340.00 USD (plus monthly rate)

* Payment:  Pesos, dollars, Travelers checks or personal check upon approval

* Deposit:  50% of the first month's rent. Please make check payable to Michael Eager.

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